Mr. Goudian Gwademba

Mr. Gwademba is a Board Member at CABE and has an in-depth understanding of issues related to library and information science; and institutional capacity development. For over 10 years Goudian has worked in both the private and public sector demonstrating methodologies appropriate to complex change processes and capacity development. He has worked effectively with county governments especially in Tana River and Kajiado where he has been responsible for carrying out capacity needs assessment, establishing and running Information Resource Centers aimed at enhancing access to information for marginalized communities. In collaboration with the Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) and Technoserve Inc. Kenya Branch, he has developed functioning value chains and generated proposals for yearly funding from the Gok. Currently he holds the position of Business Advisor for horticultural programs, at TechnoServe Inc. Kenya branch. Goudian is pursuing a PhD in Information Science; his thesis is on Relationship between Agricultural Productivity and Utilization of Agricultural Extension Information. He holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Kenyatta University.