Mrs. Janice Ghemoh

Changeh Janice Ghemoh is a Programme Assistant at CABE. She is in charge of project management, fundraising and resource mobilization, development of conceptual notes for new projects, budgeting, field research implementation, building linkages with new partners and outreach to stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation of current projects, support in drafting publications, support in the development of terms of references for third-party service providers, support the development of strategic plan (2020 – 2022), institutional team coordination, guide and promotion of early-career professionals (internship).

Janice holds a Master of Arts Degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi. She is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography from the University of Buea, Cameroon. She is also skilled in GIS (Geographic information system) and Remote sensing, from the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD), Nairobi, Kenya.

To reach her, send email to