The Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) undertakes to improve the rice production in the Sub-Saharan Africa to support food security initiatives by leading to improve interventions, both in quantity and quality by supporting the country level formulation and implementation of the National Rice Development Strategy (NRDS). The first phase of CARD’s initiatives achieved its goal of doubling rice production by 2018. However, there is still a significant demand-supply gap amid increased demand for rice in the Sub-Saharan Africa. CARD’s second phase targets doubling rice production to 56 million tons by 2030. CARD sought to evaluate the progress of the NRDS in Kenya through a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) baseline survey based on the approved RICE (Resilience, Industrialization, Competitiveness and Empowerment) approach with a focus on twelve indicators. The indicators include quantity of paddy production, total area harvested, yield per unit area, self-sufficiency rate, area under irrigation, quantity of resilient variety seeds, level of milling sector upgrading, level of mechanization in production, share of local rice in the market, quantity of high-yielding variety seeds, smallholder farmers’ accessibility to financial services and Smallholder farmers’ accessibility to technical training or services. The M&E baseline survey sought to collect necessary data for each of the twelve indicators, identified in the Kenya’s NRDS M&E framework, to analyse the data and prepare a report to inform decision making.

With funding from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), CABE was consulted to present the background of the M&E framework, the methodology adopted in collecting the data for each indicator, and presentation of the baseline survey findings for each indicator.

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