By Mercy Nduati

The National Employment Authority (NEA) has launched its strategic plan for 2018-2022. The blueprint provides an effective framework for implementing activities, projects and programmes to achieve desired results. it also has an inbuilt feedback mechanism for monitoring and evaluation.

The time frame and target of this plan are aligned to those of the Third Medium-Term Plan 2018-2022 and are geared towards contributing to the achievement of national goals laid out in the Kenya Vision 2030 and those in the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to an advertisement feature in the local dailies,  the plan has been adopted by the Authority in a bid to promote productivity, national competitiveness and economic growth, create decent employment opportunities and improve citizens access to available employment opportunities.

The plan has been developed on the backdrop of several changes in the operational environment, key amongst them being the establishment of the Authority.

NEA aims at creating an enabling environment for job creation and increasing access to employment for all especially the youth, minorities and marginalized groups.

In 2015, parliament approved operationalization of the National Employment Policy and Strategy for Kenya for the Authority. The policy seeks to promote productivity, creation of decent employment opportunities, creation of green jobs, building a pool of skilled, adaptive, self-reliant and enterprising labour force and pursuit of long term employment creation and poverty reduction strategies.

The Authority is mandated to undertake public employment services in Kenya and has a network of 30 employment offices in 28 counties across the country.

Source: Daily Nation


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