Commercialization of Indigenous Poultry in Busia County

Commercialization of Indigenous Poultry in Samia District, Busia County.

The poultry commercialization project was conceived to overcome two main production constraints which had been identified during evaluation of KAPAP project: i) shortage of improved day old chicks and high quality fertile eggs and; (ii) poultry diseases which resulted in high mortality rate of chicken (at 40%) in Busia County.

The KAPAP evaluation team recommended that a community-based poultry health delivery system would ensure access to good quality drugs, vaccines, day-old chicks, veterinary advisory services. The project aimed at increased uptake of poultry rearing technologies, reduced mortality, increased number of chicken and eggs at household level and increase incomes accruing from sell of chicken and eggs. Farmers were organised into common working groups (CWGs) to build capacity for hatchery establishment and management, market linkages, financial resource mobilization and establishment of a community based poultry health management systems. About 25 CWGs were mobilized (composed of 501 members, 331 women and 170 men) and empowered in group dynamics, poultry husbandry and management, hatchery management, entrepreneurship and table banking –a savings and credit initiative. Also, seven Poultry Extension Entrepreneurs (PEEs) were recruited from the CWGs, trained and equipped with Vaccination starter kits to ensure easier and faster access to drugs and vaccines by poultry farmers. Further, the project identified 15 existing local egg breeders (i.e., 8 men and 7 women) and enhanced their skills in egg breeding and entrepreneurship to become anchor commercial suppliers of fertile eggs to the community hatchery. This activity was boosted by procurement and supply of 5,000 day old chicks to participating farmers and installation of a commercial 1056-egg capacity hatchery in the community.  Elements of sustainability were built into the design of the project to ensure continuous functioning of the commercial hatchery, access to drugs, vaccines and extension services.

The project was funded by Gorta/Self Help Africa-The Freedom from Hunger Council of Ireland and CABE was engaged  to play a role of coordination, business development services and extension support to the farmers within Busia County.