Conference on agricultural research launched in Kenya

Vegetable vendors at Jubilee market, Kisumu

Agricultural researchers and scientists will today, September 13, 2018, launch a high panel conference on agricultural research in Kenya. The two-day conference themed”Priority Setting in Agriculture Research: Towards Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in a Changing Climate “, has kicked off at the World Agroforestry Center, Nairobi.

Bringing together various stakeholders from key sectors that influence agricultural research to discuss key issues in agriculture, the conference will provide information, which will be useful in finalizing the agricultural research and will initiate discussions on selected issues in agriculture research.

The annual conference aims to;

  • Identify trends, opportunities, and solutions for challenges in research for agricultural development in changing climatic regimes;
  • Provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and closing gaps among the various stakeholders in agricultural research including business people, political actors, policy makers, and academia ;
  • Recognize and promote researchers and their findings and innovations which have major impacts on society;
  • Inspire people to close gaps in agricultural research in order to increase agricultural productivity, reduce food losses and increase the value of agricultural produce;
  • Engage in discussion on selected issues and identify interventions for addressing the issues for consideration by the policymakers and other stakeholders.

Some of the themes selected for the conference include:

  1. Exploring the Research-Policy Interface
  2. Scanning the Agricultural Research Funding opportunities
  3. Progressing the Kenya Agricultural Research Agenda
  4. Creating synergy between and among the producers of knowledge
  5. Bridging the gap between technology generation and practice
  6. Data and information analysis and visualization
  7. Human Resource Development and management.

There will be a keynote address that will introduce the key concepts and highlight with case studies the importance of agriculture research to national development.

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