Uganda to produce 300,000 tonnes of organic fertilizer annually

An example of organic fertilizer.

Uganda is set to open the largest organic fertilizer factory in Tororo in October this year. Located on a 600-acre piece of land, the factory will produce about 300,000 tonnes of organic fertilizer annually making it the biggest plant in East Africa. The fertilizer produced will be designed specifically for Ugandan soils to boost agriculture in the country.

According to a local daily, Uganda imports approximately 100,000 tonnes of chemical fertilizers annually, which is dangerous to the soils. Apart from producing the fertilizer, the factory will also manufacture construction materials like steel, glass and unbaked bricks.

The $650 million investment project was to be completed in March but has faced delays due to rigorous testing procedures of new technology and failure to secure financing in good time.

Source: The East African Newspaper


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