CABE Africa

CABE Africa team

The Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship (CABE) is a not-for-profit making organization established under the Non-Governmental Co-ordination Act of 1990 of Kenya in 2004 and is located in Nairobi, Kenya. CABE was established as a knowledge-sharing organization that works to enhance the skills of smallholder farmers, women, and youth entrepreneurs in Africa, Kenya to advance their meaningful participation in agriculture and agribusiness activities

Current Projects

The Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship (CABE) has been involved in major agricultural projects under the following themes:

  1. Utafiti Sera Phase three: Youth employment creation in agriculture and agro-processing for inclusive growth in Kenya
  2. Climate Smart Pastoral Innovation: Managing scarcity and plant through climate innovations
  3. APPRA
  4. Women food entrepreneurs
  5. Re-thinking Strategy on Animal Health, Markets and Policy in Pastoralist Areas of East Africa